Our Office

radar-dish-63013_1280Centrally located in South East Asia, with the aid of Satellite dishes, we are able to monitor Asian Television.

Advantages are:

  1. Uniform data processing.
  2. Quick ad break reporting, don’t have to coordinate with separate foreign offices and/or subsidiaries. Within a week of ad break.
  3. Able to easy customize customer reporting needs.
  4. Economies of scale.
  5. Great customer support.
  • State of the art capturing equipment and internet connection.
  • Highly trained staff that can input data and upload information directly to customers system.
  • Versed in Photoshop giving the customer un-presented picture quality on media print. Able to handle any size print media.
  • Centralized capturing facility giving the customer access to South East Asian advertising whether TV or print.

Over 10 years experience in the media capture business.