TV Ad monitoring and Print Media monitoring

with over 15 years of experience

Stellar International Registry Service is an ad monitoring company with over 15 years experience with TV Ad monitoring and Print Media monitoring.


  • all new competitive campaigns for TV
  • reports on your time slot to ensure length of advertisement is respected

Compliance Monitoring

  • Compliance: Stellar enables its clients to monitor advertising copy to ensure your guidelines are being adhered to and your message is not being diluted. This service also identifies even the smallest digression from prescribed logo trademark placement or execution agreements.

Check & Verify

  • reports displaying exactly when your TV ad ran or where your press ad was positioned

Stellar Features

  • Centralized capturing facility giving the customer access to South East Asian advertising whether TV or Print.
  • Highly trained staff that can input data and upload information directly to customer system.
  • Versed in Photoshop giving the customer unprecedented picture quality on media print. Able to handle any size print media.
  • State of the art capturing equipment and internet connection.

Recent Works